The Democrats made their decision after very short time and it appears that they are going to make the same mistake they are making for years. Choosing the candidate that will lead them to hell. Sadly, they do not think on this like that.

For quite a while many believed that Kamala Harris is going to be Trump’s opponent in 2020 and of those people who believed in that are correct. Democrats think that Kamala will lead them to victory in 2020 and that they will re-win the White House with her.

It was actually as multiple sources say not a tough decision at all. “Democrats have hope in Kamala due to her point of view on things and I think that people love her as well,” said the source adding “Mrs. Harris is young, black and also female and many people already are urging the Democrats to embrace new blood.”

We quite refuse to think that she is their smartest choice but also we know that there is no one compatible for Trump. Criminal justice reform is one of her cornerstone issues, and as a former prosecutor, she has painted herself as a “smart on crime” candidate. Let’s not forget that 53% of the voters have no idea who this woman is. How do they think they will win with her? Are they hoping to get votes only because she seems inspiring for young women of color? Are they seriously this much desperate and are leaning on her because she is black? This is a very familiar scenario. We lived in this scenario for 8 years dear people. We are not buying it.

Kamala is not such a good idea for Democrats but sure is it for us, patriot. This means that Trump will win 2020 and the progressive movement will continue forward. For who are you going to vote?

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