Dear Mr Trump I am a solid supporter but enough is enough we the people has voted you in to change the way our government is being ran… 1st we want the illegals gone !!! If they are caught in the US a 2nd time then we make them build a wall for food and board, and 3 time we’ll that would be the end., we want our law enforcement to be supported … like if you hurt and officier or 1st responder it’s considered a hate crime, drug dealers that push drugs like Meth, Heroine should be hard time on 1st offense 2nd time death row, term limits on all politicians,
I understand the need to free speech, however news companies that spread false lies should be held accountable such as Treyvon Martin to you or your son Donald Jr…
We want you to unite us with super powers like Russia 🇷🇺..
and those that are just lazy and living of us working class let’s put a stop to that..
next let’s take care of those internet scammers, especially the ones in Third World countries. We would like all funds stolen returned. We the people are tired of lip service and want to see these things happening… maybe it be possible a new soap…
Watch the drug dealers hang

Watch the illegals be catapult over the new wall

Watch the politician even terminated.
(Without benefits)

And finally I would like you to carry a gun and anyone that tells you, you can’t do that you shoot them in the head !!!!
We the people are counting on you and support you!

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