One of the biggest supporters of Donald Trump is once again in the center of attention. Sarah Sanders, the WH press secretary destroyed the rumors about the controversy for Trump. She couldn’t bear to read about the devastating lies about the President. She had to take action. The media bothered her with questions about the claims made by the Rep. Fredrica Wilson.She claimed that Trump told the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson that “he knew what he signed up for”.
This was a way to console the widow. And It’s totally accurate, becuase soldiers know the risk they take when going in the army. They are prepared to sacrifice their lives for the security of this country. This oath is priceless! However, the widow was apparently “offended”, even If the President showed the respect in the most professional way. Trump denies the conversation, it never happened.

Fredrica Wilson used this situation to be relevant in the media and politics. The most disturbing thing is that she’s using a widow to pursue her plans. Sarah Sanders couldn’t resist responding to these wicked accusations. She pointed out that there was no recording of the whole situation, but Trump has better evidence that confirms his side of the story.
 “No,” she said about the recording, “But there were several people in the room from the administration on the call, including General Kelly.” Have in mind the fact that Kelly’s son was killed in 2010. But he still supports the President. Because he is aware of the burden they have to carry. “General Kelly was present for the call and thought it was completely appropriate. He thought the call was respectful and he thought that the president did the best job he could under those circumstances to offer condolences on the part of the country.”

Sarah continued “The hardest job he has is making calls like that. I think it is appalling what the congresswoman has done in the way she’s politicized this issue and the way she is trying to make this about something that it isn’t.” as The Lutchman reports. “To try to create something from that that the congresswoman is doing is frankly appalling and disgusting.”
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