According to Conservative Post, the attack occurred while they were moving towards his resort at  Mar-a-Lago which is very close to Palm Beach. One individual, presumably a liberal, decided to go into the motorcade with his large white van.

After the officers managed to stop him, he started yelling and cursing against our president. He also showed some nasty signs towards him.

This is one more example how polite and civilized the liberals actually are.

President Trump’s life was endangered but the mainstream media refused to cover the incident and published it. If not Trump, some of his members could’ve gotten hurt. And what kind of a point would this person show if he actually did hurt somebody?

It is beyond imaginable how much would CNN overreact if something happened to former President Barack Obama. Especially, if the individual, in this case, was a conservative.

It is time for these kinds of people in America to open their eyes and try to acknowledge and understand that President Donald Trump is actually good for this country. For such a short time he has accomplished so much. If he continues like this, America will actually be great again. However, the people need to wake up.

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