Comedienne Kathy Griffin was guest on last’s week Australian talk show “The project” where she stated that President Donald Trump is a “Nazi” and that “Trump folks” are “psychos.”

She said, “First of all, the accidental president is what I call him. He is not here, is he? Because, I’m scared of that guy. I was under a two-month federal investigation for taking a picture of a mask. Yes, I’m excommunicated from my own country, so I’m here doing a world tour. We have to make fun of him because he is so ridiculous and dangerous. And I actually have known this fool. I am going to call him a moron and also a Nazi. Americans are like skittish about calling him a Nazi, but he is a Nazi. There’s a Nazi in the Oval Office. I just have some news for you so heads up.”

She added; “He’s just a big liar, and he is awful, and everybody should get rid of him soon. I don’t mean violently. What I mean is vote him out.”

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